One World

I wish I could talk to Janet Mock. I think she has so much to teach me. I’ve watched her exchanges with Piers Morgan and her appearance last night on The Colbert Report. I love how she talks; she is so smart and understands a world that I’m trying so hard to understand. I think that Piers Morgan was trying to understand it too. I think he wanted to do and say the right thing because he is open-minded and openhearted, but he made some mistakes. That same sentence can be said about me in my life with E. Janet […]

I am E

She does this sometimes. She creeps down from her bedroom after I’ve tucked her in. She has some kind of offering. A drawing. A love note for me. The screenplay for the movie she and some friends are making about unicorns. A bookmark made of paper clips and string. Today it is a news report. She squints her eyes and lowers her voice, trying to be like a serious newscaster. She starts to read to it me “Hello I am E, on the news.” Wait, I tell her. Start again. I want to tape it. All I can think of […]

The Puberty Movie

The other day it arrived in E’s backpack. The letter about the puberty movie. E is in fourth grade and in her school, that’s when they start showing the kids short films about puberty. Here’s how it works: they separate the boys and girls, show the movies and have a short instructional and question and answer period. I had been anticipating this for some time and I figured this wasn’t going to fly with E. Since we live in a world where most people live as either male or female, I’ll share with you that currently, E is called “she” […]