The Weird Kid

“I don’t see your kids playing outside much anymore.  Is everything ok?” “Yes, it’s just those twins down the block.  They are such nightmares.  I don’t want my kids playing with them so it’s been easier to just stay in.” I’m listening to this conversation between two moms that I really like. I get what they are saying too.  I’ve had a similar situation in the past where my kids and I have sprinted from car to house in an effort to avoid being swarmed by annoying neighbor kids.  The twins are out of control, they say.  Mean to everyone.  […]

Our First Casualty

I guess I figured it would happen eventually. I’m pretty optimistic in general, but I’m not foolish. I knew that not everyone we know would follow us down the rainbow brick road. And it seems we’ve had our first casualty. One of E’s very first friends is a girl she met in a pre-school art class. I will call her Donna, although that is not her name. At the time, they appeared very similar – they were the smallest ones in the class, two teeny, giggling, adorable kids. They were fast friends. I became friendly with her mom and a […]