Opening Eyes

This was a big week in the media for gender-nonconforming and trans people.   Everywhere I looked – my Facebook page, my Yahoo news feed, and even my newsstand – the world of gender non-conformity was showing it’s beautiful face. Laverne Cox is only one of the reasons I’m obsessed with Orange Is The New Black.   It’s so cool that she is on the cover of one of the cornerstones of news – Time Magazine. This fabulous family shared their story with the world.  So many of the moments in this video hit home for me.  Break out the tissues. […]

The Middle Place

When E first started talking to me about stretching the boundaries of her gender, I spent a lot of time wondering. I wondered if she would be a gay woman. (Oh, please please please, make it be that she is “just” gay.) I wondered if she would live her life as a male. I wondered if she would be one of those stunning women who wear their hair short and slicked. They wear ties all the time and usually have a knowing smile and very bright eyes. I was comfortable with gender boxes, as most of us are, and I […]

Photographs and Memories (or The Last Dress)

I had a project to work on today. I sat in front of my computer and opened up my photo file to begin. I take tons of pictures. As my kids get older, I feel anxious about the time passing. I want to capture it all. To remember every school musical, every teacher, their orthodontist, trips to the zoo. I think it is because I don’t remember these things from my own childhood; I want to preserve it for them. Today, I was searching for something older so I scrolled back to the beginning and began to go through. The […]