The Haircut


E needed a haircut. This is another dicey little part of life with a gender expansive kid: the hair. When she was younger, I took her to my amazing hairdresser for haircuts. But E really didn’t want to go to this very feminine, beautiful salon. So I drew upon my years-dormant skills of cutting hair. When I was in college, I made a few bucks cutting boys hair in my dorm. I had no idea what I was doing, but I seemed to make it work out. For the past few years, I’ve cut her hair.   Her hairstyle has been […]

A 10 STEP GUIDE TO SURVIVING YOUR CHILD TELLING YOU THEY ARE A BOY (or a GIRL – whatever you have been thinking all along that they aren’t.)


1. It is bone crushingly hard, at first. When your child first tells you, your head will spin, your heart will ache and you will feel overwhelmed. You will realize that you have absolutely no idea what to do. You will feel a tsunami of responsibility. You will be scared out of your mind for them.  Know you are not alone in this and that it will ease. 2. There may or may not be a lot of crying on your part. There was for me. I did it in the shower and put on a brave face for my […]