I’ve never been a very good group-joiner. I’m much more of a one on one type. But going through this process with E, the idea of a support group is something that I’ve thought about. In most areas of my life, I have been able to find people who get it (whatever “it” is) because they have lived it too. This is a different arena. Not too many people have lived this one. Over the summer, I met a wonderful woman whose child was a young adult who had transitioned. I absolutely loved talking to her. I could see in […]

Word Study

Most parents I know have a mission about making sure that their kids understand that they are loved unconditionally. It’s parenting 101.   I have felt that desire with my kids too. I think that mostly kids pick up on it, they feel it from the look in your eye when they walk in the room. But most of us endeavor to tell them, sing it to them, whisper it in their ears while they sleep. You are loved. You are precious. You are perfect. When E began to expose her gender variance to me, this instinct went into overdrive. I […]

Summer Break

I took a break. I didn’t plan to, but as the summer wore on I found myself avoiding my blog. Sometimes I felt guilty – if I want to reach more people, I should be writing more. I know that to be true. But I just wanted some time to not think about things. To just be. When I left off on the very first day of July, I was wondering about the landmines of E’s life. Mostly our summer was landmine-free. She was with me most of the time, at our town pool, enjoying the majesty of the mountains […]

The Small Stuff That is Actually Big Stuff

I love summer.   I love having the kids around more. I love that there is (almost) no homework. I love the escape from the daily grind of school and carpooling and sports. I love being outside. This year, I decided not to book too many camps for E. She is turning 10 soon and those double digits loom large. I want to keep her near me this summer, while I can. Her 15 year old brother is working, working out, and out and about much of the time – as he should be – so I know what’s coming. This […]

Kitchen Floor Thoughts

There she is, a tiny little package sitting on the kitchen floor. It is morning and her hair is all tumbled and reaching. She is tapping the floor, calling our equally tiny dog, Micro. Micro is a very hyper critter and spends a lot of time running around in manic circles. But in the morning she is usually calm, expanding herself with her front paws on the floor, her butt high behind her. She eases over to E and sits in the little space created by E’s crossed legs. She offers E her wide-open neck for a massage. She adores […]