Summer Break

I took a break. I didn’t plan to, but as the summer wore on I found myself avoiding my blog. Sometimes I felt guilty – if I want to reach more people, I should be writing more. I know that to be true. But I just wanted some time to not think about things. To just be. When I left off on the very first day of July, I was wondering about the landmines of E’s life. Mostly our summer was landmine-free. She was with me most of the time, at our town pool, enjoying the majesty of the mountains […]

Disney Three Ways

E is a lucky kid.  She has been to Disney World in Florida 3 times.  Well, 2 ½ times, I guess.  The first time, she was in utero.  Our older son was 5 at the time. I did a lot of fastpassing and sitting on benches while my husband and son hit the rides since being pregnant prohibited me.  Once E got to be about 4 or 5 years old, many of her friends were sharing their Disney adventures and she would ask and ask – when can I go?!?  We would joke with her that she, in fact, had […]